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Bookomi's Most Wanted  



THOMAS ERIKSON- How to Avoid Psychopaths

Erikson brings first hand experience to the science of spotting and dealing with the psychopaths in your life and work. The good news is you can tell who they are. The bad news is they cannot be beaten, only avoided.


TABITHA GOLDSTAUB- How to Talk To Robots

Tech entrepreneur Tabitha Goldstaub  wants to break down the so-called "Tech Bro" barriers, demystify Artificial Intelligence and make sure it works for the benefit of everyone.


PATRICK BARWISE - The War Against The BBC And Why it Matters to You

Patrick Barwise has unpicked every argument against the BBC to reveal a very real threat to the culture of a nation founded on access to education, information and entertainment.


KATHRYN JACOB & SUE UNERMAN - Belonging at Work 

Two media industry luminaries shine their insights into the shadows of discrimination at work - how gender, race, ethnicity and mental or physical differences have been used to hold good people back for too long and how that’s all about to change if we start the journey together today.


GRACE CAMPBELL -How to Own Your Shame

Grace Campbell grabs you by the hand and takes you on a whirlwind tour of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, growing up in a playground of political celebrity, idiot boys and brilliant girlfriends.



- The Story of The New Romantics

Travel through time with the editor-in-chief of British GQ - to a decade that waved away the glum angry gloom of the seventies with a glamorous, techno-confident keyboard swagger. 


LIONEL BARBER - Private Diaries in Turbulent Times 

Lionel Barber was Editor of the Financial Times for the tech boom, the global financial crisis, the rise of China, Brexit, and mainstream media's fight for survival in the age of fake news.


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