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Most Wanted - March 2020


Lift As You Climb: Women and The Art of Ambition

Viv Groskop

This is a confidence bible for women who want to plan a career in a fast moving world, but without leaving anyone else behind. And it addresses one of the biggest issues women face in the workplace - how to be ambitious without losing your sense of self. It must be possible, right?

A vibrant, multi-talented and funny communicator, Viv is as comfortable addressing (and owning) a large conference room as she is connecting with an intimate workshop.

Grow The Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit

Alex Edmans

In business, how do we embed purpose into practice so that it’s more than just a mission statement. Professor of Finance at London Business School and Academic Director of the Centre for Corporate Governance, Alex Edmans shares his insights on the critical role of collaboration with a company’s investors, employees, and customers.  Rigorous research also uncovers surprising results on how executive pay, shareholder activism, and share buybacks can be used for the common good.

Cured: The Remarkable Science of Spontaneous Healing

Dr Jeff Rediger

In the history of medicine, we have almost never used the tools of rigorous science to investigate remarkable recoveries from incurable illnesses. But, Dr Jeff Rediger, a world-leading Harvard medic, psychiatrist and theologian, has spent the last fifteen years studying thousands of individuals from around the world and examining the stories behind these extraordinary cases of spontaneous remission.

The Rules of Contagion: Why Things Spread and Why They Stop

Adam Kucharski

We live in a world that's more connected than ever before. But even as we see our lives being shaped by the spread of ideas, trends - and even diseases - we sometimes struggle to grasp how it actually works. Outbreaks seem to be driven by randomness and hidden laws, and in order to understand them, we need to start thinking like mathematicians. We are hosting a CLUB TALK with Adam - CLICK HERE for details.

The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life

Dr Tara Swart

Dr Tara Swart, a neuroscientist and executive coach with a background in psychiatry, is convinced beyond all doubt of our ability to alter how our brains work - and transform our lives. In The Source, she draws on the latest cognitive science and her experience coaching highly successful people to reveal the secret to mastering our minds. 

Radical Uncertainty; Decision Making Beyond The Numbers

John Kay and Mervyn King

This incisive and eye-opening book draws on biography, history, mathematics, economics and philosophy to highlight the most successful - and most short-sighted - methods of dealing with an unknowable future Ultimately, the authors argue, the prevalent method of our age falls short, giving us a false understanding of our power to make predictions, leading to many of the problems we experience today.

The Precipice: Existential Risk and The Future of Humanity

Toby Ord

Can we protect the legacy of the hundred billion who have come before us, and secure a future for the trillions that could follow? What can we do, in our present moment, to face the risks head on? A major work that brings together the disciplines of physics, biology, earth and computer science, history, anthropology, statistics, international relations, political science and moral philosophy. Also a Guardian Pick for 2020.

Sitopia: How Food Can Change The World

Carolyn Steel

From our foraging hunter-gatherer ancestors to the enormous appetites of modern cities, food has shaped our bodies and homes, our politics and trade, and our climate. Whether it’s the daily decision of what to eat, or the monopoly of industrial food production, food touches every part of our world. But by forgetting its value, we have drifted into a way of life that threatens our planet and ourselves.

Skint Estate; A Memoir of Motherhood, Poverty and Survival

Cash Carraway

A must read, and when you've read it pass it on' - Vicky McClure 'A fascinating, shocking look at poverty and motherhood' - Billie Piper 'Cash Carraway's unique voice, filled in equal measure with rage and inspiration, tells a story of hope amongst state violence. Brilliant and compelling' - Anna Minton, author of Big Capital and Ground Control 'Give s powerful voice to the often silent story that explains so much of Britain's current fracturing' - Tim Adams, Observer New Review 'New voice of a generation' - Janice Turner, The Times Magazine.

Done Deal; An Insiders Guide to Football Contracts and Premier League Big Business.

Daniel Geey

Whether it is a manager being sacked, the signing of a new star player, television rights negotiations, player misconduct or multi-million-pound club takeovers, lawyers remain at the heart of all football business dealings. Written by leading Premier League lawyer Daniel Geey, who has dealt with all these incidents first hand, this highly accessible book explores the issues from pitch to boardroom - that shape the modern game and how these impact leagues, clubs, players and fans.

Together: Loneliness, Health and What Happens When We Find Connection

Vivek H. Murthy

In this book, former Surgeon General of the USA Dr Murthy uncovers the proportions of this epidemic, and explores the root causes and devastating effects of loneliness. But most importantly, he discovers a solution that can be applied to our individual lives, and inform how we raise our children, think about work, and create communities. Real human connection is not just nice, he shows, it is essential to our lives. 

Samsung Rising; Inside The Secretive Company Conquering Tech

Geoffrey Cain

Based on years of reporting on Samsung for the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and Time from his base in South Korea, and his countless sources inside and outside the company, Geoffrey Cain offers the first deep look behind the curtains of the biggest company nobody knows. Geoffrey Cain, while living in South Korea, covered Asia and technology for The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Time, and other publications.

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