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Most Wanted - June 2020

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Hope in hell – A Decade to Confront the Climate Emergency

Jonathan Porritt

Climate change is the defining issue of our time - we know, beyond reasonable doubt, what that science now tells us. Just as climate change is accelerating, so too must we – summoning up a greater sense of urgency, courage and shared endeavour than humankind has ever seen before. TX 25 JUNE

The Prison Doctor, Women Inside

Amanda Brown - Sunday Times Bestseller

From the drug addicts who call Amanda ‘the mother I never had’ to the women who’ve pushed back at domestic abuse, to women close to release in their 70s, who just want to stay in the place that they’ve always known, these are stories that are heartbreaking, harrowing and heart-warming. Amanda listens, prescribes, and does what she can. After all, she’s their doctor. TX 27 JUNE

The Art of Showing Up

Rachel Wilkerson-Miller

When it comes to adult friendships, we're woefully inept - we barely manage to show up for our own commitments, let alone maintain our relationships. Even before self-isolation we were experiencing a loneliness epidemic: we communicate through texts and emojis, and rear away in horror from an unsolicited phone call, even if it's from our mum. TX 26 JUNE

Lie machines – How to Save Democracy from Troll Armies, Deceitful Robots, Junk News Operations and Political Operatives

Philip Howard - Mult-Award-winnning writer/academic who teaches at Oxford and Columbia Universities.

We live in a world of technologies that misdirect our attention, poison our political conversations, and jeopardize our democracies. With massive amounts of social media and public polling data, and in-depth interviews with political consultants, bot writers, and journalists. TX 29 JUNE

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