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Catherine De Lange, Features Editor at The New Scientist - Everything You Need To Know for a Healthy, Happy Brain

"A great book that helps you look after the most powerful computer you will ever have." - Jay Jayamohan

Cat has spent almost a decade writing and editing stories about the human mind and body. Her work has been widely published including in Nature, The Observer, BBC and The Washington Post. She has worked on TV programmes such as the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, as well as radio documentaries including BBC Radio 4's Dear Professor Hawking.

We are hosting a members' Books for Breakfast with Cat on 19th Jan at Soho House. Connect with us for guest list details .

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Anna Machin - Why We Love : The New Science Behind Our Closest Relationships

"This book opens the Pandora's Box on this most complex and puzzling aspect of what it is to be human." - Robin Dunbar

Dr Anna Machin is an Evolutionary Anthropologist. She studied Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University and University College London before gaining her PhD from Reading University in 2006. Following this she joined the Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group. 


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David Hendy - The BBC: A People's History

"A superb account of an institution that was both the Auntie and Teenage Rebel of British society from the Great War to the culture wars."- Robert Gildea, Professor of Modern History , Oxford University

David Hendy is Professor of Media and Communication at the University of Sussex. His books include Life on Air: A History of Radio Four, which won the 2008 History Today-Longman Book of the Year Award and was nominated for the Orwell Prize.


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Hephzi Pemberton - The Diversity Playbook:Transforming Business With Inclusion and Innovation

"This book demonstrates with clarity, relevant case studies and the latest research, as well as an applicable exercise in each chapter, to show how leaders and firms who embrace and embed inclusion and diversity into their business will benefit."

Hephzi Pemberton is a UK business founder and advisor, who believes in the power of good business to transform society. Hephzi began her career in Investment Banking at Lehman Brothers. In 2009, she co-founded Kea Consultants, a financial headhunting firm that specialises in investment and high-growth organisations, which she quickly grew into a profitable and sustainable business. In 2018, Hephzi founded Equality Group, an Inclusion and Diversity specialist business focused on the Finance and Technology industry. 


Cade Metz-Genius Makers:The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook and the World

"Cade Metz has produced an enthralling narrative of the advance of artificial intelligence." - Kai-Fu Lee

This is the story of that technological revolution and of the arms race it has sparked among companies that range from Google to Facebook to OpenAI. It's the story of growing international rivalry to achieve major new breakthroughs. And it's a story that shows both the inventive best of humankind and its darker side, as advances have been counter-balanced by issues of prejudice, bias and the invasion of privacy. . 

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Vaclav Smil - How The World Really Works: A Scientist's Guide To Our Past, Present and Future

"A compelling, fascinating, and most important, realistic portrait of the world and where it's going." - Stephen Pinker

Vaclav Smil is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba. He is the author of over forty books on topics including energy, environmental and population change, food production and nutrition, technical innovation, risk assessment, and public policy. No other living scientist has had more books (on a wide variety of topics) reviewed in Nature. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, in 2010 he was named by Foreign Policy as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers.

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