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Thomas Erikson, Surrounded by Psychopaths

Jeremiah Emmanuel, Dreaming in a Nightmare

Bob Geldof, Tales of Boomtown Glory

Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers

Jonathon Porritt, Hope in Hell

Lily Cole, Who Cares Wins

Rutger Bregman, A Hopeful History 

Matthew Syed, Rebel Ideas

Yuval Harari, Sapiens

Louis Theroux, Gotta Get Theroux This

Dr Shahidha Bari, Dressed

Rahul Jandial, Life Lessons From a Brain Surgeon

Professor Marcus Du Sautoy, The Creativity Code

Viv Groskop, How to Own The Room

David Rowan: Non Bullshit Innovation

Dr Tara Swart, The Source

Bruce Daisley, The Joy of Work

Leonard Mlodinow, Elastic Thinking

Mo Gawdat, Solve for Happy

Will Storr, The Science of Storytelling

Walter Isaacson, The Innovators

Seth Godin, This is Marketing

Sophie Devonshire, Superfast

Jamie Susskind, Future Politics

James Wallman, Time and How to Spend it

Alastair Campbell, Diaries Volume 7

Dr Jack Lewis, The Science of Sin

Richard Shotton, The Choice Factory

Professor Nick Chater, The Flat Mind

Nir Eyal, Indistractable

David Adam, The Genius Within

Jonah Sachs, Unsafe Thinking

Jeremy Heimans, New Power

Daniel Coyle, The Culture Code

Peter Rubin, Future Presence

David Miliband, Rescue

Clemency Burton-Hill, Year of Wonder

Eric Ries, The Startup Way

Tim O"Reilly, What's The Future

Ed Catmull, Creativity Inc

Peter Thiel, Zero To One

Biz Stone, A Little Bird Told Me

Seth Stephens Davodowitz, Everybody Lies

Will Storr, Selfie

Hector Macdonald, Truth

Tom Standage, Writing on the Wall

Peter Frankopan, The Silk Roads

Matthew Syed, Black Box Thinking

Irvine Welsh, The Blade Artist

Sarah Wood, Stepping Up

Deyan Sudjic, The Language of Cities

Alec Ross, Industries of the Future

Kenn Cukier, Big Data

Daniel Franklin, Megachange and Megatech

Martin Ford, Rise of the Robots

Daniel and Richard Susskind, The Future of the Professions

Elif Shafak, Three Daughters of Eve

Gerard Lyons, The Consolation of Economics

Nicholas Lovell, The Curve

Dan Cruickshank, The History of Architecture in 100 Buildings

Iain Sinclair, London Orbital

Tom Friedman, Thank You For Being Late

Adam Grant, Originals

Alistair Campbell, Winners

Steve Hilton, More Human

Nir Eyal, Hooked

Jon Ronson, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

Biz Stone, Things a Little Bird Told Me

Mary Portas, Shop Girl

Tim Minchin, Storm

Charles Duhigg, Smarter, Faster, Better

Daniel Pink, To Sell is Human

Jamie Bartlett, The Dark Net, Radicals

Dr Steve Peters, The Chimp Paradox

Dr Dave Alred, The Pressure Principle

John Browne, Connect

David Eagleman, The Brain, Incognito

Nick Bostrom, Superintelligence

Dave Trott, One + One = Three

Ed Yong, I Contain Multitudes

Daniel Levitin, The Organized Mind

Rutger Bregman, Utopia for Realists

Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle is the Way

Ruby Wax, Sane New World

Brad Stone, The Everything Store, Upstarts

Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, How Google Works

Jeremy Rifkin, The Zero Marginal Cost Society

Kevin Ashton, How to Fly a Horse

Paul Lindley, Little Wins

Jake Knapp, Sprint, How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas

Joshua Klein, Reputation Economics

Ajaz Ahmed, Velocity

Claudia Hammond, Mind Over Money

Dr David Lewis, Impulse

Dr Mary Aiken, The Cyber Effect

Richard Gerver, Change

George Anders, The Rare Find

Aleks Krotoski, Untangling the Web

Susan Greenfield, Mindchange

Ben Hammersley, 64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then

Adrian Wooldridge, The Great Disruption

Judith Rodin, The Resiience Dividend

Nick Harkaway, the Blind Giant

Chris Impey, Beyond

Damian Barr, Maggie and Me

Emma Barrett, Extreme

Min Kym, Lost

Emma Tarlo, Entanglement

Natasha Courtenay Smith, The Million Dollar Blog

Ian Leslie, Curious

Marc Goodman, Future Crimes

Paul Dolan, Happiness By Design

Geirge Zarkadakis, In Our Image

Caroline Webb, How to Have a Good Day

David Mitchell, Thinking About it Only Makes it Worse

Andrew Smith, Totally Wired

Jaideep Prabhu, Frugal Innovation

Viv Groskop, I Laughed I Cried

Russ Roberts, How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life

Maria Konnikova, The Confidence Game

Luke Dormehl, The Formula

Tom Chatfield, 50 Digital Ideas

Rohan Gunnatillake, This is Happening

Tom Lean, Electronic Dreams

Alex Bellos, Through The Looking Glass

David Balzer Curationism

Gavin Esler, Lessons from the Top

Uri Gneezy, The Why Axis

Dylan Jones, The Eighties

Kelly Grovier, 50 Works of Art that Defined Our Age