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Bookomi's Most Wanted  



NAOMI BAGDONAS -Why Humour is a Superpower at Work 

 'Eye-opening, important and utterly enjoyable. Come for the humour, stay for the insights.' Arianna Huffington says of this new book by Stanford lecturer / stand-up comic Naomi Bagdonas and Stanford behavioural psychologist Jennifer Aaker. 


GUY RAZ -Unexpected Paths to Success From The World's Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Guy Raz has taken the heroic journeys of guests on his NPR Podcast How I BUILT THIS and distilled them into a book to share what it takes to start, grow and, crucially, enjoy being an entrepreneur.


LEROY LOGAN -My Life as a Cop

Meet retired Superintendent Leroy Logan MBE, founder member of the Black Police Association: His 30 year career in the Metropolitan Police makes him perfectly placed to reflect on what has and hasn't changed in race relations over recent decades.


DAVID EPSTEIN - Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World 

Environmental scientist and journalist David Epstein wants us all to explore the wider benefits of generalisation if we are to become the very best at whatever we do in life and work.


PO BRONSON AND ARVIND GUPTA -How the Genetic Era Will Change The World

IndieBio's Po Bronson and Arvind Gupta are attempting to tackle the big science stories of today and tomorrow by questioning every aspect of modern life and industry.


JOHAN NORBERG - The Story of Human Progress

Covid-19 is pushing us back into our tribes, closing doors (literally) and borders to the rest of the world. And yet being open to each other is the secret to our success as a human species. 


MAX DICKINS - Using The Secrets of Improv at Work 

Max Dickins shares the rules and techniques that help performers on stage look confident and in control of their creativity; listening to others, looking for cues and building trust for more productive, purposeful living.


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