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Bookomi's Most Wanted - Podcast TX Schedule August 2020

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Dreaming in a Nightmare; Finding a Way Forward in a World That's Holding You Back

Jeremiah Emmanuel, Activist, Entrepreneur

A story of two worlds, one where violence is everywhere and the other where the sky's the limit and how it's possible to move from one to the other. It is both an urgent exploration of a growing national crisis, and a guide to overcoming the obstacles young people should not have to face.

How to Stay Sane in an Age of Division

Elif Safak

A tender, uplifting plea for optimism, Shafak draws on her own memories and delves into the power of stories to reveal how writing can nurture democracy, tolerance and progress. And in the process, she answers one of the most urgent questions of our time.

Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution – and Why That's Good for All of Us

Robert Chesnut, Chief Ethics Officer of Airbnb

Show of hands―who in this group has integrity?”

It’s with this direct and often uncomfortable question that Robert Chesnut, General Counsel of Airbnb, begins every presentation to new employees.

Glorious Rock Bottom

Briony Gordon

Re-living the darkest and most terrifying moments of her addiction, never shying away from the fact that alcoholism robs you of your ability to focus on your family, your work, your health, your children, yourself. And then, a chink of light as the hard work begins - rehab; AA meetings; endless, tedious, painful self-reflection.

The Art of Creativity

Susie Pearl

"Great food for thought and action." David Lynch.

A practical guide to help you unlock your creative potential and find fulfilment and happiness in the process.  After 20 years working with some of the most creative people on the planet, writer and business coach Susie Pearl has unearthed the habits of highly creative people and takes you on a journey to unlock your own inner stream of creativity.

Designing Your Work Life

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Whether you want to stay in your job and make it a more meaningful experience, or if you decide it’s time to move on, Evans and Burnett show you how to visualize and build a work-life that is productive, engaged, meaningful, and more fun.

DAVE EVANS is the Codirector of the Stanford Life Design Lab, and a cofounder of Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest interactive entertainment companies.

The End of Everything; Astrophysically Speaking

Katie Mack

This captivating story of cosmic escapism examines a mesmerizing yet unfamiliar physics landscape while sharing the excitement a leading astrophysicist feels when thinking about the universe and our place in it. Amid stellar explosions and bouncing universes, Mack shows that even though we puny humans have no chance of changing how it all ends, we can at least begin to understand it. RECORDING 11TH AUGUST

The System - Who Owns the Internet and How it Owns Us

James Ball

A global journey into the inner workings of the system. From the computer scientists to the cable guys, the billionaire investors to the ad men, the intelligence agencies to the regulators, these are the real-life figures powering the internet and pulling the strings of our society. Ball brilliantly shows how an invention once hailed as a democratising force has concentrated power in places it already existed - that the system, in other words, remains the same as it did before.

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