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"Bookomi's unique intelligence helped us to find and secure a brilliant mind for our Advertising Week session in New York"

KATHLEEN SAXTON, Founder & CEO The Lighthouse Company & Co-Producer of AdWeek Europe

"Put smart, passionate people in a room together, charge them with identifying and solving problems, and encourage them to be candid … when we get it right, the results are phenomenal."

ED CATMULL, President of Pixar Animation Studios

“Our team has been inspired and invigorated through many of the people that Richard and Bookomi have introduced us to.” 


“Bookomi is a brilliant way to connect with talented, inspiring people beyond our immediate networks. I still have a pile of books that Richard has given me to read, but at least I’ve met their authors to talk about their work in person.” 

CAMILLA HARRISSON, CEO and Partner, Anomaly UK

"Richard and Bookomi were great to work with on Winners, not only producing and hosting three key events around the launch, but getting books directly to people whose influence and opinion helps to sell more books"


"The best interviewer I’ve ever had, someone who had really read the book!"

ROBERT GREENE, Author of The 48 Laws of Power & Mastery

"Books for Breakfast is the perfect antidote for the idea that Britain is dumbing down. It isn’t. Instead authors get a chance to meet and talk in depth with lively intelligent audiences. If you haven’t yet had an early morning coffee at Books for Breakfast, it’s a great way to start the day."

GAVIN ESLER, Broadcaster and Author

"Bookomi has been a great partner with the IoD in our Books for Breakfast events. They have been key in introducing us to relevant and inspiring authors of significant interest to our members. Richard has worked with us from the outset in launching a brand new series of policy breakfast events which is going from strength to strength.”

JAMES SPROULE, Chief Economist & Director of Policy, Institute of Directors

"Bookomi has connected us to authors who have stimulated both our staff and our clients. Richard’s recommendations have kick-started our new event series, and been a constant source of new inspiration (and reading material) for us."

SAM LYTHGOE, Head of Business Development, Hill + Knowlton Strategies

“Books for Breakfast lets you start the day by having your ideas challenged. Authors give brands and companies new ways of thinking while those brands challenge the authors to apply their thoughts in practical ways. It’s an intellectually stimulating way to get going in the morning.”

NICHOLAS LOVELL, Founder of Gamesbrief

"One of the most fun and most engaged interview sessions I have ever had – for myself or my clients. What a way to start the day."


"Richard Kilgarriff is the consummate host for any book event. He is well-informed and witty and has an uncanny ability to keep conversations moving fluidly. I’d work with him again in a minute."

DAN PINK, Author

"As an author, it's an enormous pleasure and hugely fulfilling to have interesting, interested and smart people push and probe your thinking. Books for Breakfast reminded me why I wrote the book in the first place!"

JAMIE BARTLETT, Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos

"Your assistance in the creation of our Breakfast of Champions series has been instrumental to its success. From helping us to select and then source the right author to chairing a discussion and Q&A in such a way that our clients were engaged and involved, the input you provided led to an event that exceeded our expectations. The feedback we are getting from those who attended is all extremely positive."

RICHARD COOK, Founder and CEO Champion Communications

"I had a great time at my Bookomi event, and would love to do another one. I heartily recommend it to any author."

DYLAN JONES, Editor of GQ and Author

"As a speaker there is no better circumstance than an engaged, informed, and insightful audience. Books for Breakfast offers this in spades with some truly amazing conversation as a result."


'It was a rare pleasure to spend the morning at Books for Breakfast chatting about my new book, The Organized Mind. Richard Kilgarriff is a wonderful host and a skilled interviewer – I found his questions thoughtful and his comments insightful. And it’s always a privilege to discuss my books with such engaged, interesting audience members – the perfect start to any author’s day.'


"A great place to meet authors and other people who care about what’s worth reading. The literary equivalent of the perfect fry-up – without the calories."

VIV GROSKOP, Guardian Journalist and Author

"Interesting, informed and intelligent audience, great venues and a friendly reception. Speaking at a Books for Breakfast event is not just a pleasure, it’s a privilege. Oh, yes, and the croissants were great too!"


"It was refreshing and thought-provoking to present my ideas to such a smart and engaged audience."

ALEX BELLOS, Journalist and Author

"The chance to meet your readers in the flesh is, at its best, an electrifying mix of surprise, inspiration and fear. Speaking at Books for Breakfast offers an intimate, engaged space for this encounter; a chance to explain yourself and find out new things in the process; and an awful lot of good conversation and coffee."


"The morning was a great experience. I especially enjoyed the informal discussion after my short presentation. It was great to see how participants were interested in making behavioral economics and field experiments work in their company. I’m looking forward to the follow ups of these engaging discussions."


"A truly wonderful event at the Bath Literary Festival with Richard Kilgarriff – a master at keeping the conversation fresh and the audience hooked."


"Interesting speakers, a well informed audience and a good atmosphere - a great way to start the day, I’ll come again."

JAMES BAKER, Global Head of Executive Search, Jaguar Land Rover

"I was really impressed by the whole team. It was great to have the opportunity to discuss my book The Formula with a group of like-minded individuals, in the context of such a well organised event. A fantastic experience overall."


"I loved going and speaking to the CEOs and staff of such impactful companies on Bookomi's behalf. It was a great chance for me to connect with other forward-thinking and creative individuals and show that being creative and making art is not limited to certain tasks, but is in your approach to any task – be it freerunning or advertisement."

TIM SHIEFF, World Champion Freerunner

"A wonderful opportunity to discuss my book with an engaged and diverse group. Fun and stimulating."


"I have very happy memories of my Books for Breakfast event. It was a great way of sharing my ideas with a smart and engaged audience, but it also made me see my book from a completely different perspective. It was a wonderful opportunity to think differently about topics I had thought I knew well!"


"Thanks to Bookomi for a highly enjoyable morning at AKQA talking to a highly attentive and intelligent audience who made me think anew about the issues raised by my own book."


“Books for Breakfast is a wonderful format for authors and readers alike. It’s a great way to talk about ideas, get feedback, and start a conversation: all before your day has even started.”

JAIDEEP PRABHU, Author of Frugal Innovation, Professor of Business and Enterprise, Cambridge Univ

"The Bookomi experience was fantastic! The questions were insightful, the audience was highly engaged, and the breakfast was delicious."

NIR EYAL, Author



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Elif Shafak